Thursday, October 18, 2007

Touring the Sacred Valley Inca Ruins

Day 5: August 26, 2007

Cuzco and Sacred Valley

Got up too early accidentally. Ran out of hot water in the middle of my shower. Packed up. Still not feeling great. We’ll see what happens. Dropped off laundry. Coca tea still tastes bad. We took a bus to the sun temple above Cuzco and got a tour of it. Felt the altitude. Then we drove to other towns with ruins or cool markets. I think Culca, Pisac, and Ollantaytambo. Did some shopping in the markets. Oh, we also stopped at a traditional native alpaca weaving place and got to feed/pet the alpacas. Stuff was super expensive there but excellent quality and I felt like I should buy something to support the natives. I got two hats made of alpaca wool. At the middle hiking stops I adjusted to the altitude and felt much better. Took lots of pictures of Inca temples, houses, pre-Inca burial grounds, etc. At Ollantaytambo the rest of the group spent the night with locals. Because I was doing the Lares trek I had to take an hour and a half bus ride back to Cuzco. I was all alone there but I managed to get my stuff packed for the hike, found chicken soup for dinner, and a phone/internet cafĂ© to reconnect with El Norte. Seems everything is fine and the contract for 392 Central Park West is signed. What a relief. I almost can’t wait to move in.

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