Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hanging out in Cuzco

Day 10: August 31, 2007


Went to the police station at 10AM to get my police report. Had some tamales on the street first near the cathedral. They were good. Did some shopping and catching up at an internet cafe, then went horseback riding around Inca ruins in the hills. Nice and relaxing. Got a switch and used it to speed up my horse. Got it to trot. Lots of fun. Came back to meet my group for dinner at a famous restaurant called Fallen Angel Fire and Ice. It was good but pricey. Not too bad though I guess. 2 bottles of really good wine (shared 4 ways), an appetizer, a steak, and a bottle of water for 150 soles or roughly $50 US. It’s reasonable. Went for drinks after at a 5 star hotel next door with the group but I didn’t order anything.

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