Sunday, October 28, 2007

Taquile Island

Day 13: September 3, 2007

Woke up feeling substantially better. Had a couple pancakes and jam with the family. It seems that there are three sisters all living together an only one is married. There are very few men compared with women in Peru. I heard it was like six women for every man. Polygamy isn't uncommon. On the island, most of the men are out fishing or in Puno for much of the time so women seem to run the place. There were some children running around the house too. Not sure who they belonged to exactly.

I packed up after breakfast and took the boat to Taquile Island. Hiked around the island but there wasn’t much to see. Some shepherds with their flocks grazing on the rocky hillsides and a small mrket.

Took the boat back to Puno, about a 3 hour ride. Tried not to get too much sun due to the intensity of the rays at high altitude. Some of the others on the boat were less concerned about it in spite of my warnings and they were quite red and peeling later. Oh well, I tried.

Got back to Puno very hungry but started off with a hot shower at the hotel after the van dropped us off. Then went for lunch at a Chinese restaurant with Alvaro. It was only ok, but a mountain of food. I could only eat half even though I was faamished.

Used the internet and watched TV in bed for the rest of the afternoon. Feeling a bit worn down. Met the group at the reggae bar before dinner. Tried Cusqueňa dark - the dark beer of Peru. It was way too sweet, and all around far worse than the Cusqueňa light. I couldn't manage to drink more than a few sips.

We went to another fancy restaurant for dinner. Wasn’t very good. Tried three kinds of trout but they all tasted like the lake smelled (bad). Hope I don’t get poisoned again. Had lamb meatballs for an entrée and they were ok, but too full to eat more than half. After dinner I popped into another bar with group just to see the scene (or lack thereof as it turned out) but I quickly said goodnight.

Waiting for the internet now. Some student tourists from Spain are taking their sweet time.

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